It’s hard to know what to say to somebody when their precious baby dies.  While we received many lovely, heartfelt sympathy cards, this one has always stood out to me.  The lady hesitated to give it to me because she was worried it was “too late”.  (It is never too late to recognize somebody’s loss, whether it be in word or deed.)  I was so blessed when I read this even though it was given to us a couple months after Dekar’s departure. 


Dear Friends,

Though it has been a while now, there is still nothing I can say to ease your loss of little brother and son, Dekar.  Our prayer is that time will make the wound less raw and the pain less intense.  The time you spent with Dekar was beautifully spent in such a meaningful way that it touched our hearts.  The sharing of your story and of that time gave even more meaning to Dekar’s life as others use it to reinforce their strength to face similar conditions.  Our prayer, too, is that Dekar’s absence will not be sorely felt and that one bright star will shine over each of you to remind you that one day the wound will be made whole again when your continued faith in God, our Loving Father, will bring us all together again with our missing loved ones.  Then, without pain or sorrow, we can love, and be with one another for eternity. 

With friendship and love for your family,