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Congratulations to Sharon and family on the birth of Charlize Rose!

Sharon gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl with Trisomy 18 and hypoplastic left heart on July 29th.  Today she  is enjoying her 27th day with her!!!  It simply makes me smile.  I am so happy that Charlize is being surrounded by the love of her family and giving love in return–I pray she has 27 more, and 27  more, and 27 more, and ……………….

Sharon shared some of the most wonderful, touching pictures with me–I posted just a few.  Isn’t Charlize gorgeous?


From an earlier email Sharon said, “She is in the most wonderful wrapping Marge, just like your Dekar.”  I love that.   What a perfect way to describe our babies–in a “wonderful wrapping.”


Enjoy your time together, Sharon, and thank you for sharing your message of hope.


IMG_4822The hospital provided a little memory foot impression box.  It’s very pretty.  The impression was made in a foam-like material and Dekar’s information was filled in on the other side.  The box ties shut with a ribbon.



The photo doesn’t show the details very well, but here are the molds of each hand and one of his foot.  The foot one ended up having an air bubble on the top and the toes didn’t  turn out perfect, but it’s still better than nothing.  The wrinkles show, the fingernails are detailed–it’s really nice to have these.  I don’t remember his hands being so tiny.   I do remember that he didn’t like it if I tried to move his fingers–they were clenched good and tight and he preferred to keep them that way.


I didn’t smooth out the rough spots or do anything else to them.  I didn’t and still don’t want to take the chance of them breaking. 

I got the kit at Michael’s, but I don’t see the kit on their online store.  I purchased some recently (July 2009) so I know they still carry them.  Here is another place that carries a kit.

The beautiful blue in the background is a prayer shawl a friend made for me recently.

After Dekar passed and the family was gone, the night nurse (Sue) went to work with making these foot impressions and molds for me.  I had packed everything I needed to make them, the bowl, measuring equipment, mixing spoon, etc.   I am so glad that I was the only one on the maternity floor that night and Sue was able to do this.  God bless her.  I don’t think I could have done it–I was completely exhausted.  So while I held Dekar, soaking in the last moments with him, and rested, Sue read the directions and went to work. 

Below is a raised foot impression.  It shows the details on the bottom of his little feet–you can even see the wrinkles.  It has a hanging hook on the back, but I wouldn’t trust hanging it.  If it fell and shattered I don’t think I could forgive myself.  I have it on a nice, stable shelf!  I originally planned on having one foot impression and one hand, but with his clenched fist it simply wouldn’t work, so we did both feet.  The kit was purchased at Michael’s.  It can be painted and/or glazed, but I like it as is. 

In another post I’ll show my 3D molds of his hands and feet. 

Made from Precious Hands™ Plaster Molding Kit purchased at Michael's

Made from Precious Hands™ Plaster Molding Kit purchased at Michael's

There’s nothing else to say.  I wish he was here to hold and cuddle and play with.  I wish he was here, taking his siblings toys and throwing them around.  I wish he was here, learning to walk and saying his first words….I wish he was here, smiling, with drool running down his face because of teething….I just wish he was here.

But he’s not and I’m sad.  😦

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