The photo doesn’t show the details very well, but here are the molds of each hand and one of his foot.  The foot one ended up having an air bubble on the top and the toes didn’t  turn out perfect, but it’s still better than nothing.  The wrinkles show, the fingernails are detailed–it’s really nice to have these.  I don’t remember his hands being so tiny.   I do remember that he didn’t like it if I tried to move his fingers–they were clenched good and tight and he preferred to keep them that way.


I didn’t smooth out the rough spots or do anything else to them.  I didn’t and still don’t want to take the chance of them breaking. 

I got the kit at Michael’s, but I don’t see the kit on their online store.  I purchased some recently (July 2009) so I know they still carry them.  Here is another place that carries a kit.

The beautiful blue in the background is a prayer shawl a friend made for me recently.