(The name Dekar is pronounced “decker”.  We found his name at a website that had an exhaustive list of biblical names–we chose Dekar because it was a unique name which fit in well with the rest of our children’s names.  His name means “pierce”.)

This is my favorite picture of Dekar

This is my favorite picture of Dekar--this was taken soon after we left the surgical room and he met the rest of his family.


Dekar Ezri Schmidt was due to be born on July 1, 2008. At approximately 32 weeks into the pregnancy he was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 and hypo-plastic left heart syndrome.  It was unknown whether Dekar would make it to a live birth, but if he did live, he was not expected to live long. 
After receiving the call from the doctor, I went off and prayed.  I told God that if this was His will, I would accept it.  I asked Him for strength to carry out all that was before me.  I dedicated myself to carrying Dekar to term, cherishing each moment that I had with him.  Every kick and jab was a welcome sensation.  

During a scheduled c-section, Dekar was born live at 10:46 am on June 27, 2008, and met the eyes of Jesus at 7:10 pm the same day.  He passed peacefully in my arms, surrounded by his eight siblings and father.  

He weighed 4 lbs 14 oz, 18″ long.  He was precious and beautiful.  You can read the full story of his birth and short life on this post.

I created this blog to share his life with others–Dekar gave us a lifetime of love and now we are sharing him with you. 

His short life is worth remembering, so I felt Remember the Life was a fitting title for a blog created in his memory. 

Resting peacefully

Resting peacefully



After getting the news that Dekar would not live, I had prayed that God would somehow get glory in a tragic situation. I have been questioning, how God can get glory in the death of a little baby? I admit that I have been looking for some huge firework display, but now realize that He has been and will be getting glory in the many, individual little sparks.

I’m blessed that I was able to hold Dekar and experience his life.  The term that I often heard was “incompatible with life”.  That term must have originated by somebody who doesn’t believe in God and His power.  Dekar’s life was TOTALLY compatible with my life, no matter how short it was and I thank God for him.