This page has all of the individual quilt squares from a memory quilt which my sister put together.  (I accidentally deleted the original post a few months back.)  After Dekar’s diagnosis she felt moved to contact friends and relatives, and she used her talent with a sewing machine to put together a beautiful rememberance/memory quilt for me and my family.  I got the box with the quilt and a beautiful book the day before the scheduled c-section—we hadn’t told anybody about the date of the surgery, so this was truly God’s timing, to let me know that people cared. 

I still have this stored away—I’m sure my sister would be unhappy to hear that, but I don’t want it totally ruined, as it can’t really get washed.  I do pull it out and look at it and the beautiful journal with the individual emails.  

**I didn’t realize until today (4-27-09) that the full quilt picture isn’t on here.  I’ll dig it out and post it when I have more time.**