This is a page dedicated to the parents who have lost a baby.  Here I will share some ideas for making memories of your little one and the love that was shared.

This first idea is something that Lee-Anne did—it is two memory blankets.  One for her son to be buried in, and one as a family keepsake. I truly love this idea, and you all can be encouraged that she is not an expert sewer.  This was her first time sewing and she had beautiful results!  

(02-07-2009–originally shared on the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep family forum.)

Hello, my baby was diagnosed with Potter’s Syndrome a few months back.  We decided to do something as a way to preserve his memory.   I thought I would post it here, so I could share it with you and maybe give someone else an idea of how to preserve their baby’s memory.

I made two baby blankets. The first one is Isaac’s blanket, and will be buried with him. The second one will be a family keepsake blanket. They are exactly the same, except for the middle square. My baby is still inside me, so I cannot finish the second one until he is born.

But they both have my handprints, my husbands handprints and both of my daughters’  handprints. Underneath the handprints is our names. In the middle square on the first blanket it says “We will forever hold you in our hearts as God holds you in his arms forever”  This will be Isaac’s blanket.

On the second blanket, which will be completed after he is born, will be the same except in the middle square it will have his handprints, name and dates. So, it will be a complete family blanket with everyones handprints.

Here is a picture of the Isaac’s blanket–it will be buried with him:


This is a close up of the middle square


“I never used a pattern. This was my first time sewing actually….I got the idea from my mother-in-laws family quilt.  It had hand prints on squares all over it, but they were done in marker. My husband thought it might be a good idea to try making one of our own for our small little family as a way to remember our son. I didn’t like the idea of just using marker, so I went a step further and embroidered them on along with our names. I used a big embroidery hoop to do that part. I embroidered the squares before I sewed everything together.

I cut 5 white 11 1/2 inch squares for the handprint squares and the center one and 4 blue patterned 11 1/2 inch squares. For the back panel, I used a 42-45 inch piece of fabric….I’m not exactly sure of the size.  I think the overall size of the blankets are like 42 inches I think….I could be wrong. I bought batting for the inside.   It was fairly simple to make, it was my first time sewing afterall, it only took 1-2 days to finish. The embroidery part took longer though. ”

One thing I like about this quilt is that it can be made at any time. If you have your child’s foot and/or handprint, you can make a copy, cut it out, and trace around it onto cloth and embroider just as Lee-Anne did.  If you are unsure how to do this or you truly are unable to sew, perhaps you could go to a local senior center and see if any of the talented people there may be able to help.

If you have any questions I can refer you to Lee-Anne.  Please use the contact form.

to-write-their-names-in-the-sand-bu1 Click on the picture and it will take you to a beautiful memorial site. It takes my breath away.  Because word  has spread and they are getting swamped with requests, please understand they take their email off the site occassionally so they can get caught up. 

My Forever Child–Keepsakes and Jewelry for Remembrance, Healing, and Hope.

Photo jewelry, items made from your child’s footprint, and much more.


Treasure in Heaven Memorial Sculptures

  Click on above link to view Lisa Haldeman’s amazing work.  She makes a memorial sculpture of your baby.


Precious Hands™ Plaster Molding Kit

 This is a RAISED impression of the baby’s hands or feet, or one of each.  It is very nice and shows good detail.  I can see the lines/wrinkles that were on Dekar’s feet.  You can see a photo of Dekar’s footprint impression HERE



                                      Northside Hospital Perinatal Loss Office has listed many ways to remember your baby. 


Handmade Memory Bears ~ Healing Memory Bears

From website: “Memory Bears are teddy bears made from special articles of clothing…..blankets or other item that holds a special place in your heart.”


Hali put this together the day after Dekar died:  A clipping of his hair and the bracelet and hat that the hospital provided.

Dekar’s urn. This can alternatively be used for momentos.

The urn was purchased at PERFECT MEMORIALS.  They have a wide selection of urns and other memorial items.  I was very pleased with their products, price, and customer service in general.


For the last several months I have been wearing a very special necklace that I picked out from

I am not much of a jewelry person, so when I do wear something it is usually pretty special to me.

This particular necklace can also hold a small amount of personal remains of a loved one.

I have seen these before and honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about it.  But now that I have one I am very glad I own it.  It is my preferred piece of jewelry–It is stylish, well made, and nobody can tell what it holds inside.  Basically, it simply looks like a very pretty piece of jewelry.  Nobody knows it holds a small part of my son’s remains unless I tell them…and I don’t offer that information.

The necklace came with a small funnel and toothpick to help the flow of ashes into the small opening.  I had no real issue with the process of filling the necklace.  If a larger piece of remain did not fit through the funnel I was able to push it out and try a different portion of ashes. The toothpick wasn’t extremely strong, though, and it did break.  That was the only issue I had with filling the necklace with some of Dekar’s remains.

The opening on the top of the necklace is closed with a little screw.  This shut tight since I was careful to not overfill.  Originally I did not use the adhesive product that was sent with the necklace. It seemed to me the screw was secure so I did not think it needed the extra adhesive. However, after wearing the necklace almost daily for a few weeks I found myself checking the necklace regularly, making sure the pendant was still in place!  I decided to buy some strong adhesive and securing the screw permanently. Once I secured the screw with some adhesive I feel more peaceful, knowing the pendant cannot accidentally come loose.

The chain itself is something I need to have fixed.  The clasp is very difficult to attach to the other end as the opening is quite small. I have contacted the company and was assured this can be fixed/replaced.  I just haven’t done it yet due to the craziness of life lately.

I really love this necklace and am so glad to own it. Even if I didn’t have some of Dekar’s remains in the necklace I believe it would be a favorite necklace because of the special picture of a mother cradling her child’s head.
As far as the service itself from, I couldn’t be more pleased.  The shipping was prompt and the communication was excellent.
(ETA after posting:  I just want to say that when I worked on this post it looked perfect as far as spacing, formatting, etc.  But once I published it the “perfect” look disappeared!  I don’t have the time or talent to figure out how to make my son’s memory blog look excellent all the time….but hopefully those who come here look beyond all of that stuff.  I just wanted to vent a bit because I find this a  bit frustrating!)